(His Tuwid na Daan is a sham, a farce, a myth, a mockery of the law!)

I dreamt the other night about President Noynoy Aquino and Senator Grace Poe having a tete-a-tete. Their chat went like this:

NA: Hi Grace, thanks for coming. How are you?

GP: I’m fine, Sir. Thank you. I hope you are too?

(A simple denial of the Vera Files’s report on Sabah won’t do.)

By the time this weekly column sees print, Lent will be over. But I just could not resist commenting on President Noynoy Aquino’s Lenten message.

Noynoy said in his message last week that the Filipino people should “be truthful not only with their words but with their works”.

Hindi na nangilabot! Nalimutan na yata ‘yung mga pagsisinungaling niya tungkol sa Mamasapano Massacre at ang kanyang “Tuwid na Daan” na balu-baluktot na dahil sa mga katiwalian sa kanyang pamahalaan. Ano ba ‘yan?!

He also said he would pray not only for those threatened by Typhoon Chedeng but also for those who hate him.

Nobody hates him, except probably those who have been victims of his hatred. What people hate are the things he has done and hasn’t done that smack of dishonesty, incompetence and plain pigheadedness.

'Del Rosario should have just asked our ambassador in Washington to present the Philippine Legion of Honor to Clinton.'

OH dear, his slip showed again... In the process, I also nearly choked on my coffee when I came across the story in the morning paper last week.

(Noynoy promised us a “daang matuwid”, but right now, that straight path is littered with all kinds of graft and corruption.) It seems the promising president that was Noynoy Aquino nearly four years ago is turning out to be just that – a promising president.

(In our culture, when somebody is already down, you don’t kick him or her around anymore.) That Ms. Gloria Arroyo did a lot of bad things during her unlamented regime is a fact. That retribution is now upon her is also a fact. She is now down. In our culture, when somebody is already down, you don’t kick him or her around anymore.

'We have been saying we want the West Philippine Sea dispute brought to the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (ITLOS). What are we waiting for?'

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