Abolish Pork


As of this writing, nagpaluwas na ang Presidente kan Pilipinas na ang pinakakaibig-ibig na pork barrel kan satuyang mga kongresista asen mga senadores tinangkas na ninya, kuno. Well, sabi nga, ni Pay Medrano, “It remains to be seen.” Kaya tuloy pa rin ang pakikibaka laban sa mga kababuyan nila!

For the record Mr. Sniper is in favor of the TOTAL ABOLITION of the pork barrel for the simple reason that it is not proper to the office of Congress. The mandate of Congress is to legislate. Period… Never in the provisions of Article VI of the Constitution was it ever contemplated that members of Congress can/may/should handle government funds for the implementation of government projects. Never! What is a bit worrisome though, granting that the pork barrel be abolished, is: Ang kawatan ay nakakagawa ng maraming paraan. So still we as a people must always be ever vigilant. Tuloy ang laban! But then again why are we against this pork barrel? For several reasons…

First, as we have said the job of Congress is legislative not executive. Congress’s function in relation to the General Appropriations Act is what you call legislative oversight, or monitoring, or assessment, or as fiscalizers.

Second, pork barrel is an institutionalized bribery by the executive to the legislative branch of government. Para sumuporta ka sa gusto ng administrasyon ay bibigyan ka ng pork. This is a glaring example of institutionalized political patronage. Hence, ang usapan na sa kongreso ay nakabase na sa pera at hindi sa prinsipyo/kung ano ang tama at dapat .

Third, it deranges Congress from being studious, conscientious, contemplative, profound ruminants worthy of the term Solons; that will effectively and efficiently engender excellent quality legislations.

Fourth, and the most obvious at wag na tayong patumpik-tumpik pa, pork barrel is the number one source of graft and corruption; which incidentally makes government as the number one and largest crime syndicate in this country.

Kaya para ang mailoklok natin in the near future are truly qualified and competent solons, alisin na ang pork barrel. Ang ibigay na lang na pondo sa kongreso ay ang sueldo ng mga Congressmen and Senators, kanilang mga employees, at MOOE ng mga opisina nila. (For reaction and comments text back Sniper @09991226135)