No Need


Another argument against the RH Bill is that it is a redundant bill. There are already existing laws that address the problems of maternal and child health. One of these laws is the Magna Carta for Women.

I will continue sharing with our readers the lengthy exchange between Zambales Rep. Ma. Milagros Magsaysay and Pangasinan Rep. Kimi Cojuangco; and I quote:

"Prior to the population control measure admission [by Rep. Cojuangco] was a lengthy discussion on the Magna Carta of Women (MCW) which Magsaysay repeatedly pointed out was an existing law that already addresses the concerns Cojuangco mentioned as reasons why an RH law in her opinion was necessary, such as the need for more birthing facilities, maternal health services, to name a few...After several more exchanges that tackled the MCW's provisions on maternal and child health, and the redundancy of the RH bill due to the MCW, the Pangasinan solon again allowed the obvious difference in perspectives and her probable dissatisfaction over the law's non-implementation to get the better of her."

"A new law is what is needed, Cojuangco stressed, to which Magsaysay replied, "We can make laws here, we can even pass that RH bill if you want to. But that does not ensure that the national government will provide you with what is necessary to implement it. Why don't you compel the government to provide what is necessary to ensure maternal health care as mandated by the Magna Carta of Women?"

"There is an existing law, so compel the national government to provide the funds to ensure that there are birthing facilities in all rural [clinics], that these are equipped with medicines and vitamins as far as pregnant women are concerned, that they also have doctors, nurses and midwives in rural clinics, and that they can also provide free medical services in case the mother has no money to deliver her baby safely," Magsaysay added."

"You do not need to pass your RH bill to ensure that there are doctors, nurses and midwives because [these are] already provided by law," she continued. "All we have to do is to compel the present government to provide proper maternal health care to all the mothers, to provide the proper neonatal care to all the mothers and babies, to provide the proper gynecological care to all women...just to make sure that the mothers do not die, that children do not die. But we don't need to pass the RH bill; we need to compel the national government to implement the provisions of the MCW," Magsaysay said." End of quote. (Source: Uichanco, Diana: "Bill co-sponsor admits RH as a population control measure", CBCP Monitor: Aug29-Sep11, 2011, vol15#18, p. A6).

Well, there you have it. There's no need to pass the RH bill. But why the pro-RH supporters are so insistent? I can smell something's fishy. (For feedbacks sms/txt Sniper@09067204747)