Marriage is a covenant


MARRIAGE AS SACRED BOND. Whereas in a legal contract the unifying element for the contracting parties are the legal parameters involve such as punishment, in marriage the unifying element, the bond is the persons themselves.

As sacred bond the couple seals their love with a free and unconditional exchange of their consent before God and His Church which is exclusive. The sacred bond is a result of the free and unconditional exchange of consent of the couple. This exchange of consent must be free, meaning an exercise of their own free-will, free of any impediments and of impositions. Second it must be unconditional, without restrictions or conditions, in short absolute. And lastly it is consummated by the conjugal act of the couple. Which brings the question: How can a "same sex couple" consummate their relationship? None. That is why sex before and outside marriage is a contradiction to marriage and as such not permissible. Which exactly what contraception wants to promote: sex without marriage; which makes contraception anti-marriage and therefore is a form of prejudice.

Because of the free and absolute consummation the marital sacred bond is exclusive. What unites, bonds the couple is their free, absolute, consummated, and exclusive exchange of consent and their persons. However human effort is not enough to guarantee marital unity. Because of the fallen nature of humanity, human concupiscence – his/her tendency to sin, man and woman is incapable of perfecting this sacred bond. Hence the need for God in marriage, for only God can bring us back to that perfect divine relationship with Him, to once again restore us to His Covenant. And the New Covenant was brought to us by and through Christ. That is why marriage and the family must be Christocentic – Christ centered and by extension Eucharist-centered. And the Eucharist can only be had by and through the active participation of the married couple and the family in the Liturgical Life of the Church. Now we have come full circle, since we go back to the family as the Domestic Church/Chapel of Life. Further, the sacred bond creates a bond of kinship, a bloodline, a genealogy, a family tree that gives a visible structural unity of one's natural family. Therefore marriage as a covenant is a theological reality.

It is sad and tragic that after two thousand years since Christ first declared: "Therefore what God has joined together, no human being must separate"; humans have vehemently defied His very words because of their "hardness of heart". It is comforting to note that we Filipinos are the ones last standing against divorce in this whole damned world. Just like the disciples in the fishing boat tossed by the big waves amidst an angry storm, let it not be permitted for heaven's sake that we will wake up the Lord in His sound sleep only to be reprimanded by Him: "Why are you terrified, O you of little faith." No! Be not afraid! Let us be steadfast in our faith! For in the end, as what Revelation has foretold, the Lord is victorious! END. (For comments/reactions txt Sniper@09067204747)