One of my favourite quotes is from Steve Guttenberg: “A career is a series of… comeback”. Although I’m not saying that my writing stint here at Bicol Peryodiko can already be considered a career, I do humbly submit that it won’t hurt, as I do suppose and God willing; if I make a sort of comeback.

Pro-RH groups hate it so much when the RH bill is labeled as a population control program. They insist that it is about woman's health that they are promoting through this bill. However the on-going debate about this bill in Congress showed otherwise.

MARRIAGE AS SACRED BOND. Whereas in a legal contract the unifying element for the contracting parties are the legal parameters involve such as punishment, in marriage the unifying element, the bond is the persons themselves.

HONESTY I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said that HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. And there was also a famous CEO, if my memory serves me right, who said that HONESTY IS STILL THE BEST POLICY.

As of this writing, nagpaluwas na ang Presidente kan Pilipinas na ang pinakakaibig-ibig na pork barrel kan satuyang mga kongresista asen mga senadores tinangkas na ninya, kuno. Well, sabi nga, ni Pay Medrano, “It remains to be seen.” Kaya tuloy pa rin ang pakikibaka laban sa mga kababuyan nila!

"To Plato's mind, to parade one's immorality is to add a second immorality to the first: to scandalize and possibly corrupt the weak...What is so striking about the world we are living in is not so much the degree of its immorality as the brazenness with which immoral deeds are paraded.

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