I have a complaint to make. When Sec. Mar Roxas made public his own intentions of extending P-Noy's term, Malacanang appeared to be patting him on the back. But in my case, when I prayed in a cabinet meeting during GMA's time playfully hinting on term extension, I got " burned" in the process. Why oh why? Perhaps, someone can help me explain. (ha ha ha!)

REFORMS--- Pope Francis made drastic reforms in the finance sector of the Catholic Church in Rome by firing the long-staying cardinal who had long controlled the Church funds. In the Philippines, President P-Noy refused to fire Budget Sec. Butch Abad even if the Supreme Court caught him red handed violating the Constitution. "Only in da Pilipins" !

We are told that the Philippines straddles the so-called "ring of fire", an arc-shaped swathe of land in the globe that includes several countries. Being in the "ring of fire" means being vulnerable to earthquakes and upheavals like volcano eruptions triggered by hot magma building up tremendous pressure underneath.

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