Skill training for inmates


The TESDA thru the stewardship of the OIC Mr. Elpidio Tuboro assured that they will join hand with the provincial government and the Regional Trial Court to help those inmates, parolees and probationers to acquire a technical knowledge and expertise while serving the sentence.

We especially cited the significant effort of the different agencies and responsible individuals who are stepping into the shoes of these less fortunate people who are in conflict with the law.

In this juncture, we are extending our accolade to the bright concern of Judge Lelu P. Contreras for openly finding ways on how these people be given special attention thru the government interventions.
In spite of being known as iron lady or feisty Judge because of the numerous high profiled cases decided in her sala, Judge Lelu (RTC) is not only settled in the four corners of the hall, but look for other ways on how to extend her services to the convicted probationers and parolees as long as to those inmates in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This great idea should be given a primordial attention by the concerned agencies in order to boost the moral aspect of these people who are suffering from culture shock. May be some of them are victim of injustice or because of poverty or unavoidable circumstances.

We commend also the effort of the provincial government thru Governor Cely Wong for helping these inmates in order to incur extra income while in their detention cell.
Truly, the presence of the government are felt by these individuals who are in need. After all, they are still human being and a citizens of this country that should not be neglected.