The PNP should devise an immediate schemes on how to curtail the proliferation of the robbery and hold-up incidents in the province of Catanduanes.

Based on the PNP weekly Report, most of the victims are those lending institution’s agent while on their way from the far-plung areas of assignments.

Aside from the highway robberies, we have also individuals victimized by similar groups or individuals, taking advantage of their superior strength.

People are demanding solutions from the law enforcement agencies with dispatch in order to capture those unscrupulous person fishing their livelihood from these unlawful activities.

Meanwhile, this publication would like to call the attention of the lending institutions and other establishments in the province to make up their minds in order to anticipate the possible similar scenario in the future.

Vision bank, ASA Foundation and ARDCI has been the perennial victims of this highway robbers and it is high time that they should also formulate strategies on curtail this incidents.

Not only the monies and personal belongings may be sacrificed by these lawless elements, rather the lives of these employees.

Our law enforcers cannot in every way could possibly watch our activities, but we can do our part on how to effectively restrain these modus operandi.

Vigilance and effective Cooperation are the most important factors to counter similar incidents leading to the apprehensions of these lawless elements.