Lotteng Ops blunders


Some observers are divided regarding the issue on why the alleged one of the Lotteng financers in the province escapes while under the custody of the PNP Provincial Command.

Unless we are wrong, we upheld that the PNP is not serious to their battle against those personalities behind the illegal numbers game.

According to the information, the police who is in charge caught by surprise after the escape of former comrade Llasos following the request for a coffee.

Guiding with the elementary security procedure, all possible scenario should always be anticipated.

Surely, there was a serious negligence on the part of the PNP on duty for being relaxed in handling the suspect for obvious reason, he is the former kasama.

Verily, It is always been a regular policy as an accountable law enforcer to anticipate the worst scenario whatever the background and attitude of the culprit.

No other word can best suit to describe such carelessness except for lousy handling the very laudable possible accomplishment.

Bilib na sana tayo sa pamunuan ng PNP for such a strong nerve to apprehend the former comrade, however, ginto na naging bato pa.

Anyway, we are still on the positive note that the recent turn of events converted into the affirmative results in a proper time.

Provincial Director Castillo and company should prove their worth in pursuit against those truly involved in the gambling operation and put this personalities behind bars in soonest possible time.